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Fee : ¥1500/person
Maximum seat available : 5
Duration : 1.5 hours

Meeting up new people is great, but your safety should be your priority; it is for us.

Review Profiles

Take the time to carefully review member profiles. Read what members say about themselves. Check out their pictures and past meetups. Make sure that their profile and meetups are clear and have adequate information to trust. Give yourself the time to read through all the information available. If you are uncomfortable, skip to another Mentor.

Members' Reviews Are Important

Our reference system is unique and trustable. We developed a system that allows only users who booked the meetup can write reviews each other. Anyone who did not book the meetup can not write a review for Mentor. In order to prevent fake reviews and keep our community safe, we developed this system and will keep working on it.

Thus, you better check the Mentor’s review and see what others write about the Mentor.

As a meetup participant, leave references to let others know about your experiences with your Mentor.

Also as a Mentor, you can leave references to let others know about the participants.

Communicate & Make Payment Through Our Secured System

Use the Messaging systems within the website to communicate with Mentor. Confirming content of the meetups and keeping all communication on SpeakMates.com helps our Trust and Safety team identify issues and react quickly.

We will always be here to protect your our users' rights either Mentor’s or Participant’s. But we can only do it if you communicate and make payment through our secured system. It will be our only proof to deal with any issues you will face with.

The only way to benefit from our Cancellation & Refund terms is making payment through our system.

If you don't make payments and get paid through our system, you will not be able to write reviews and take reviews. Reviews have a huge impact on people while deciding upon your language meetups.

In order to protect our user's right, users who are accepting payments outside of our website will be banned permanently.

Report Negative Experiences

Our Trust and Safety team is here to help build the safest and most trusted community possible.

Please do not hesitate to report any safety concerns or negative experiences with your Mentor or Participant. Reporting will help us to build a long-lasting community and will help the other members from having bad experiences.