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Fee : ¥1500/person
Maximum seat available : 5
Duration : 1.5 hours
Payment and Pricing
Payment and Pricing

Each meetup might have different price as Mentors are free to select price from a pre-defined minimum and maximum prices for each country. Meetup durations might be different as well, please check each Meetup's Detail separately for the price and duration.

Mentors are authorized to reserve maximum two seats for students for whom the price will be 20% lower. This is optional, therefore Mentors may choose to accept ONLY regular participants in a meetup.

Currently only payment option available on the site is Cash Payment, however Online Payment option will also be available soon. Online payments will be made by Credit Card through a secure connection to Stripe infrastructure.

All services of SpeakMates.com (not those of Mentors) are free during Beta release period, however once we announce regular release, SpeakMates.com will charge 15% commissions to Mentors for meetup registrations in order to cover the online payment infrastructure costs, operational costs and sustainable marketplace business.

Distribution of revenues between Mentors, SpeakMates and Online Payment Service Provider will be made automatically and net amounts will be wired to each party. If there is any cash payments involved these will be settled simultaneously with online payment settlements, Mentors will be requested to wire commission amount from cash collections to Speakmates.com account.