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Fee : ¥1500/person
Maximum seat available : 5
Duration : 1.5 hours
Guidelines for Mentors
Guiding Principles for Mentors
  • Although we are trying to make language practice fun and a social event, Speakmates is not a dating site. The main point is to help people to overcome difficulties of a foreign language speaking by giving them a socially friendly environment.
  • Please select a discussion topic for meetups provided by SpeakMates. If you would like to create a topic of your own, please make sure it is not about a sensitive subjects like politics, religion, sexual preferences or so. We are not trying to have serious discussions about a topic, we are merely using topics to stimulate foreign language practice.
  • Please go to the meetup venue at least 15 minutes before the meetup to arrange a proper place in the café.
  • Please review the topic before hand, read materials related with topic provided by SpeakMates or on the internet. It is important to start and facilitate the discussion, unlock any silence or breaks by asking some questions or making some stimulating remarks.
  • Please pay close attention to each attendants’ involvement to the discussions, if someone is left out, help her/him to join in with some simple questions or remarks about her/him.
  • Encourage everyone to ask questions or to answer questions, if someone prefers to remain passive , don't push her/him too much but try to encourage them to make some involvement.
  • Please repeat sentences, comments, remarks made by participants especially if they are unclear or their remarks have some mistakes in grammar or wording. Be cautious while repeating not to offend the person whose remarks you are repeating. Repeating will make sure that all speakmates will pick up the correct way of saying the same thing.
  • Use confirming phrases such as do you mean … , what you mean is that …, what you are saying is …
  • When someone is taking a lot of time to speak, use some questions to give chance to other people. Use phrases like “I would like to hear it from X”, “how about you X , what do you think ?”
  • Use encouraging body language and tone of voice as well as words.
  • Give positive feedback to participants to encourage their involvement.
  • Ask open ended questions.
  • Don't check the time very often as it will make a bad impression on the participants and discourage them to speak more.
  • Don't interrupt the discussion even if the time is up, wait for the right moment to finish the session.
  • Encourage participants to ask questions to each other or make comment to each others’ remarks.
  • Please review participants after the meetup, encourage them with a public comment. If there is any participants who created problems indicate that as well so that he/she may not be able to create problems for other meetups.
  • You are definitely not expected to wear a suit during the meetup but it is a best practice to wear something nicely casual. You are the leader of the meetup so looking good in all senses makes it easier to have a great communication.