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Fee : ¥1500/person
Maximum seat available : 5
Duration : 1.5 hours
Guidelines for Mates
Guiding Principles for Mates
  • Although we are trying to make language practice fun and a social event, Speakmates is not a dating site. The main point is to help people to overcome difficulties of a foreign language speaking by giving them a socially friendly environment.
  • Please read about the discussion topic so that you can comfortably involve in the talks. A little bit of preparation can significantly increase the benefit of the meetup experience.
  • Do not worry about making mistakes or not being understood, this is the exact point we are trying to work on. Just speak, it will be fine.
  • Please ask questions to Mentor or other participants.
  • Please indicate your language level when registering to meetup
  • Please write a short review about the Mentor after the meetup. How was his/her facilitation, how did you like the meetup, what could be improved ect..?
  • Please read the profile of Mentors and description of meetups then decide which Mentor and meetup is best for you.