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Fee : ¥1500/person
Maximum seat available : 5
Duration : 1.5 hours
Frequently Asked Questions by Mentors
Frequently Asked Questions: Mentors

What is SpeakMates.com?

SpeakMates.com is a platform that brings together Language Mentors and people who would like to practice/polish their language skills in small groups in a real world setup such as in a Café.

What does a Mentor do?

This is essentially a freelance fun work which only requires speaking a foreign language either as a native speaker or an international speaker and facilitating a simple discussion meetup to practice the language.

Who is a Mentor at SpeakMates.com?

Mentors are native or international speakers of a language who would like to facilitate a language practice meetup for helping, socializing and making money at the same time.

Is there any requirement to become a Mentor?

There is no specific requirement such as a teaching or similar certificates to be a Mentor. The only requirement is to speak a language very well and be a nice person.

Do I have to be a native speaker to be a Mentor?

No, although we appreciate the value added by the native speakers of a language, we chose not to discriminate against international speakers of the same language as it is a real life experience to encounter an international speaker sometimes more than a native speaker.

Therefore we let our speakmates decide which meetups are good for them and allow natural selection process to take action for Native and International speakers.

How does it work ?

  • You will register with SpeakMates.com and fill up the profile page
  • We will call you to have a short interview to approve you as Mentor
  • You will set meetups with discussion topics defined
  • You will select a cafe location for the meetup
  • You will invite your previous members or friends
  • We will advertise the platform www.speakmates.com, attract customers for you
  • Customers will register to your meeting first come first serve basis
  • You will hold the meeting and have fun
  • You will get paid by money transfer by SpeakMates’ payment service unless there is cash payment is involved. If there is any cash payment is involved we will settle our balances on a monthly basis.

Is there any limit to organize meetup?

You can set as many meetups as you like on your calendar at www.speakmates.com, decide the date, time and location according to your own convenience.

Whether you are looking to earn a bit of money on the side, pay this month’s bills, or make new friends and socialize, we can help you do it. Needless to say you can even make this a full time job if you think you are really good at socializing and attracting people, do the math.

As we are only providing a platform, we are not checking any working visa status or advising on tax consequences of your income, you are responsible to sort out these matters.

What information will I fill out in application process?

We would like to know you before we approve your application. Therefore a profile information and a picture which will also be published on the site is necessary, in addition to this we would like to get a phone number and email address to confirm your eligibility.

We are requesting our Mentors to fill out their profile page with all the fields filled since it is very important for us to know you.

We also encourage our Mentors to record a short video about themselves and publish it on either speakmates.com youtube channel or else where to refer from speakmates.com profile page. Please send us the video if you would like us to publish it in our channel.

How much money can I make?

It all depends, you are free to set any price for your meetups and accept any number of attendees with some minimum and maximum defined for practicality purposes.

We encourage you to organize small group meetups such as 3 to 5 members with 1.5 hour duration as this is the best size to deal with and best duration to keep it optimized. However you are free to choose price, duration and number of attendees.

You can set as many meetup as you like at your convenience. If there is only one registration for a specific meetup, both Mentors and Mates can cancel the meetup no later than 24 hours before the meeting.

Do I pay any commision?

Yes, in order to cover the online payment infrastructure costs, operational costs and sustainable marketplace business, SpeakMates.com will charge a commission to Mentors in following way;

If payment will be made in cash the commission rate is 15%,

If payment will be made online the commission rate is 16.6% (13% SpeakMates + 3.6% Stripe Payment Provider)

Note: Regular commission of SpeakMates is 15%, therefore online payment commission is normally 18.6 % together with Stripe Payment Commision, however we would like to support Mentors therefore we decided to cover more than half of the online payment cost and were able to keep the commission at 16.6% for online payments.

How long does the application process take?

We will call you and have a short interview with you as soon as you register with the site. Once we are convinced that you are a good fit as Mentor we will approve your application. This process should take couple of days approximately.