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Fee : ¥1500/person
Maximum seat available : 5
Duration : 1.5 hours
Frequently Asked Questions by Mates
Frequently Asked Questions: Mates

What is SpeakMates.com?

SpeakMates.com is a platform that brings together Language Mentors and people who would like to practice/polish their language skills in small groups in a real world setup such as in a Café.

Who are the SpeakMates?

Anyone who would like to practice his/her foreign language skills on a face to face environment with a native or international speaker in a small group can be a participant which we call speakmate.

How many Mentors and Mates are there in a meetup?

There is always one mentor in each meetup. Number of mates could be different based on Mentor’s capacity and content of the meetup. We encourage small group meetups with participation of 3 to 5 mates. Please check the details of the meetup to see the maximum attendance level and current attendance.

How can I find a meetup in my neighborhood?

By indicating your city during the signup process, you are set to see the Meetups in your city when you visit our webpage at www.speakmates.com . You can also search for mentors, or meetups in other cities or in other languages through our search bar.

How much does it cost to be a participant?

The price is different for each meetup based on Mentor’s decision. Please check meetup details to see the price and duration of the meetup. On top of the meetup price you must also buy a drink from the café.

Mentors can select whether to apply discount for students or not. If Mentor chooses to apply discount then meetup fee will be 20% less for students. However there can be maximum two students with discounts in each meetup.

How do I pay?

Meetup fee is paid either cash at site or through Credit Card online, you will also buy a drink from Café in cash.

Why should I bother to go to a meetup?

Language is all about communication and communication is all about real life. Therefore practicing a language with a real life set up is important. We are finding you a Mentor and speakmates to have a real life practice experience and getting you out of your comfort zone without you realizing it.

Meeting with fellow mates will make you feel more comfortable which in turn will make practicing more fun and efficient. Since it is a social event as well, you will be sure to make new friends who are sharing the same dream as you.

In fact, we are not trying to make you study, rather we are trying to make you socialize. Join a SpeakMates event to socialize and have fun, language practice becomes a bonus.

How long does it take?

Each SpeakMates meetup takes one and a half hours. This 1.5 hour setup ensures that each SpeakMate can have a chance to speak as well as listen to others.

Why should I join to a group meetup?

First of all it is much cheaper than a private lesson.

Secondly if you are looking for a lesson it may be more meaningful to take a private lesson however if you are looking for speaking the language for practice purposes it is much more efficient to join a small discussion group.

This way you can make use of the mentor as well as making use of other participants. You can have chance to speak as well as listen, learn from others’ best practices and mistakes too.

How much should I know the language to join a meetup?

SpeakMates meetups are not language lessons rather they are language conversation meetups which are designed to practice the language by actively speaking or listening.

We have identified four levels for our SpeakMates, if you don't fit any of these levels, you may not be able to benefit fully from the meetup.

  • Shy (can listen and understand at slow pace, speaks just a little bit)
  • Cool (can listen, understand and speak at slow pace)
  • Challenger (can listen and understand at normal pace and speak at slow pace)
  • Master (can listen and speak at normal pace)