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Fee : ¥1500/person
Maximum seat available : 5
Duration : 1.5 hours
about us
About Our Company

We are here to solve a problem that almost all Foreign Language Learners face.

The problem is that Foreign Language Speaking Practice is;

  • not fun
  • not convenient
  • intimidating
  • expensive
  • difficult with real world setup

www.speakmates.com is providing a platform so that native or international language Mentors and people who would like to practice their speaking skills in a foreign language find each other and come together in small groups in a meetup in cozy locations.

By joining in SpeakMates meetups, Participants will be able to;

  • socialize and have fun while practicing
  • select meetup to join at their convenience
  • learn from native/international speakers
  • learn from peers
  • make friends, be part of a local and a global community
  • overcome speaking anxiety in a real world setup
  • save from per hour cost of tutors, teachers, courses

How about Language Mentors, what do they gain? They will be able to;

  • Reach local customer base
  • Make more money per hour thanks to grouping
  • Socialize and make new friends in their neighborhoods
  • Set up language meetups flexibly at their convenience
  • Develop a local community which can generate a sustainable income
  • Make money without any certification or formal requirement
  • Reach a targeted customer base (kids special, business special etc…)
  • Collect money Online